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    925 Sterling Silver

    925 Silver, also known as sterling silver, is so called because it is an alloy of pure silver and other metals (usually copper) with a minimum of 92.5% silver content.

    A & E Metal Merchants are proud to stock a wide variety of sterling silver 925 products, including both raw silver 925 and finished or partially finished products. Our selection includes:

    • 925 sterling silver chain
    • round wire
    • silver sheet
    • square wire
    • silver tube
    • square tube
    • stock gauge
    • silver granules
    • half round wire
    • rectangular wire
    • embossed strip
    • oval wire
    • fancy bezel strip
    • gallery wire
    • pearl wire
    • fancy wire
    • bangle coil
    • concast wire

    We offer great value for money prices on all products within the range, with great bulk discounts on all silver 925 chains and other products. Customers can order direct from us online for all products currently in stock. For product information or ordering assistance, please contact us on 1300 360 598.