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    A&E Metals Environmental Policy


    Our Commitment to the environment is to use only recycled raw materials wherever possible and to limit our impact on the environment by using the latest technology and our years of experience to manufacture in the most environmentally responsible way possible.



    Our Raw Materials


    At A&E Metals we try to, whenever possible, only use recycled materials.


    This means that we try to not use materials that are obtained from mines but only use metals that have come from scrap such as jewellery and photographic or any other forms of scrap that we are able to purchase.


    As Australia ’s largest manufacturer of silver mill products we are in a position to be able to do this as we make almost all our mill products in house.


    We use 100% recycled silver and copper in our silver alloys.


    Here’s how it works


    We buy scrap metals from jewellers and hobbyists or from various industrial users of precious metals. This we have refined back to pure silver.  In addition we purchase metal from local refiners who specialise in supplying us with only recycled material,

    All the copper we use for alloying is recycled and is the highest grade available, it comes from recycled copper wire, mainly electrical cabling that would otherwise go into landfill.


    Our Manufacturing Process


    Because we make almost all our own mill products in Australia we are able to keep tight control of what goes into them, and we are also able to ensure that our manufacturing processes use as few resources as possible.


    We are fortunate in this regard because although we have been in business for nearly 20 years, much of our manufacturing equipment is almost brand new and was purchased with the environment in mind.


    Because our furnaces are new they use the latest technology in melting and casting, and they also much less power than older style melting furnaces.


    Our bright annealing furnace is brand new and the only one in Australia. I t uses much less power and much less covering gas than conventional processes which use huge amounts of both because that they have long heat up and running times.


    Our cooling system has been built to only use recycled water so we use almost no additional water in our manufacturing process.


    Because we bright anneal almost everything you get a better product with no chance of firescale, this also means we do not need to pickle anything in strong acid solutions so we create very little waste to be disposed of. The small amount we do have we have reclaimed.

    You can read more about our manufacturing process here.




    Wherever possible we recycle packaging so please do not be offended if you receive some of your products in packaging that has been used before. We think it is better to forgo some presentation rather than continue to create more and more packaging when much of what we have is still able to be used.


    What You Can Do To Help


    If Australian manufacture and the environment is important to you, then we ask you to support our initiative in two ways:

    • The first is to support us by buying our products which are not only recycled and manufactured with the environment in mind, but are also manufactured in Australia. By buying locally manufactured products you support our economy.  
    • The second thing is to remember that for us to be able to do this we need to be able to buy scrap in large enough quantities to be able to continue our production. So please send us your scrap for purchase, not only will it give you some money in your pocket but it will help us to keep caring for the environment. See here for details.