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    Refining is used  for larger quantities of gold or silver scrap, typically 1.5Kg or more of silver, and 100g or more of gold.

    What happens is we melt and sample the scrap to work out how much fine gold or silver is contained in it, and then we pay you based on this. The scrap is then refined back to fine metal and is used in production of our mill products.

    Because we know exactly how much fine metal is present we can pay a higher price than when we trade in small quantities when we are not sure of the content.

    We do not charge any refining fees for silver refining, there are charges for refining gold as this is more costly to do.

    Refining takes about 2 weeks to process.

    If you are sending in refining to us please attach a Scrap Input form which gives us all your details. If you are not registered for GST then you  need to fill in a Statement By Supplier form as well.

    Current purchase prices can be found under Refining Purchase