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    Scrap Trade In

    When you have smaller amounts of scrap it is not worth the cost of refining, so we buy it from you and stockpile it and then process it as a large batch when we have enough.

    This is normally used when you have less than 1.5Kg silver, or less than 100g gold scrap.

    Because we don't know exactly how much fine gold or silver is in the scrap, the price per gram is not quite as high as if we refine it. Many people, however, prefer to do this way rather than wait until they have enough scrap to refine. 

    If you are sending in scrap to us please attach a Scrap Input form which gives us all your details. If you are not registered for GST then you  need to fill in a Statement By Supplier form as well.

    Current purchase prices can be found at Scrap Trade In