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    A&E Metals use industry standard encryption to protect your personal information.

    Website Issues 
    • The website should work on most major browsers, including Firefox and Apple Safari.
    • The website needs to use cookies to keep track of your session, so if you disable cookies then it will not let you log in. Google has some info on how to enable cookies here.
    Linking from Search Providers
    • If you connected to the website via a search provider they sometimes change the web address in order to track the fact that you have clicked through their search result. This can cause confusion to the website. Check that the website address starts with If not then we suggest that you reconnect to and bookmark it.
    Logging In 
    • City/State/Postal: Be careful when entering this part of your address. There are three boxes, one for each of City, State and Postcode. If it does not accept your address please check that you have entered all three.